PVC Extruder

Bergandi Machinery’s PVC Extrusion Line is designed to apply PVC coatings of various thickness and colors to galvanized wire at speeds up to 1,000 ft. /min. The benefits of the line include: ease of operation; low operating cost; and economically priced.

  • Specifications

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    PVC Extruder Specifications/Features

    - Thermo plastic 50mm (2") to 89mm (3.5") Extruder with 24:1 L/D
    - Cross head with hinge mount and adapter
    - Swing arm payoff stand capable of paying off wire from either of two separate stands of wire
    - Power panel and operator control station
    - Cooling Tower
    - Stainless steel cooling trough and coolant re-circulating pump system
    - Line lubricator
    - V-groove take-up unit with 10Hp (7.6Kw) motor and variable speed drive
    - Motorized take-up base with 1Hp (0.746Kw) motor and control
    - Up to 75Hp infinitely variable speed AC drive
    - Heat controller
    - Gate with heater
    - Stainless steel hopper with sight glass
    - Six zones (four barrel, one adapter, one die) Additional zones and custom wattages available

    PVC Extruder Benefits

    - Convenient Control Location
    - Variable Speed Drive on Extruder and Take-Up
    - Run speeds from 100 FPM - 1000 FPM
    - High-quality replacement parts available direct from Bergandi Machinery Company

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