Compactor Take Up

Bergandi Machinery’s Compactor Take-Up can compact standard rolls up to 40%, providing additional storage capacity. The unit can be installed with any weaving machine allowing standard or compacted rolls of fabric to be removed with ease.

  • Specifications

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    Compactor Take-Up Specifications/Features

    - Can produce Standard and Compact Rolls
    - Standard Rolls from 18" (45.7cm) A13in diameter (depending on the wire gauge and mesh size)
    - Compacts Standard Rolls up to 40%
    - Custom diameters available upon request
    - Fence heights from 2 ft (60.9cm) to 20 ft (6 meters)
    - Motorized take-up controlled by two limit switches
    - Control box is equipped with an emergency stop button, a reset button, and forward/reverse button
    - Powder coated for a long lasting luster and durability of finish. Many colors are available.A8

    Compactor Take-Up Benefits

    - Easy installation with any weaving machine
    - Fabric rolls removed at waist level for easier handling
    - Fence heights from 2 ft (60.9cm) to 20 ft (6 meters) depending on the length of the machine
    - Low maintenance
    - High-quality replacement parts available direct from Bergandi

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