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Bergandi Machinery Company designed and built America’s first automated chain link weaver. Bergandi is a worldwide leader in manufacturing for the wire and metal processing industries. Chain Link Weavers Chain Link Compactors Chain Link Slat Inserter Chainlink Weavers Chainlink Compactors Chainlink Slat Inserter Payoff Take–Ups Galvanizer Take–Ups Single Double Wire Security Mesh Barb Wire P.V.C. Extrusion Lines Tie Wire Thing Tie Wire Spooler Wire Crimpers Wire Drawing Line and Accessories Mesh Welders Baler Wire Coiler Conveyor Belting Machines Butt Welders Crimp Wire Machines Dead Blocks/Bull Blocks Descaler Gate Benders Looms Woven Wire Machines Rod Pointers Re–Bar Coiler Flatlink fence fabric and temporary fence structural insulated reinforced concrete panel Bergandi Machinery, Wire Mesh, Chain Link Fencing, Security Fence, PVC Extrusion, Barbed Wire, Used Machinery, Razor Wire, Concertina, chainlin